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The Academy - Our main vision is to develop the players in overall the world by using international training techniques. Our goal is to develop the players talent and dedication from all over the country . we also give personal training physically as well as mentally . Our main mission is to develop the players in the world top 10 ranking in singles and doubles.

Noida Badminton Academy

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At the Noida Badminton Academy , it is our aim to promote the sport of badminton and to train our players to compete in high-level tournaments. With their professional experience, we aim to enhance our players’ quality of skills, physical ability, and mentality through an intensive and groundbreaking training method. Our training programs also range from the beginner’s level to the international level, which allows our players to flourish from a young age.We have a bunch of experience all Indian players that makes the training more intense and versatile.

Noida Badminton Academy